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Blocking Spam Calls Automatically

Call Protect utilizes the community-submitted data to identify the numbers that are actively being used for spamming. When sufficient support is available to classify a phone number as spam, it is added to the blacklist. The phone numbers on the blacklist are automatically blocked.

Currently, thousands of new spam phone numbers are added to the block-list. When a flagged phone number tries to call your number, it is intercepted and dropped before it reaches your phone.

Because the new phone numbers are added to the block list frequently, and we do not run our app’s processes in the background to help preserve your phone’s power and privacy, you ARE required to launch the app to update the list of blocked phone numbers. Every time Call Protect launches, it automatically fetches the latest block list and adds the numbers on that list to your phone. Additionally, you can also manually update the list by tapping on the refresh icon on top-left corner or the shield on the center of the “Protection” tab.

Updated on August 1, 2020

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