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Blocking a Range of Phone Numbers

One of the widely-loved features of Call Protect is its range-blocking feature. When you block a range, all the phone numbers falling into that range get blocked. You have to be extremely careful not to block any number unwantedly when using this feature.

To block a range of phone numbers, go to “Block” tab and tap on either “+” or “Block New Number” button. From the displayed option, select “Block a Range of Numbers” option. On the new screen, select the country code of the range of numbers you want to block.

After selecting the country code, enter the starting and the ending phone number on the respective provided fields. Please note that there are some restrictions to how many phone numbers you can block at once; therefore, you may see some warnings alerting you of these restrictions, if necessary.

There is a switch that allows you to whitelist the phone numbers belonging to your contacts. MAKE SURE you whitelist your contacts, if you want to continue receiving phone calls from them.

When you have entered all the necessary details, you can tap on the “Block Range” button to block that specific range. The ranges that you have blocked are displayed on the “Block” tab of the app.

Updated on August 1, 2020

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