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Call Protect is a free spam and robo calls blocker app that blocks known unwanted callers automatically and displays Caller ID for the numbers you do not recognize. You can also lookup any phone number. Call Protect leverages multiple distinct data sources to identify new robo, scam, and telemarketing calls in real-time to ensure that you are always covered by the most up-to-date and accurate protection.

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About Call Protect

Call Protect is a simple utility to help you fight scammers by blocking spam calls automatically.

This app periodically updates the scammers list on your device to block the calls or give you information on who is calling. With Call Protect, you can have a peace of mind when dealing with robo or spam callers. You will experience significantly lower number of spam phone calls with this app guarding your phone.


The reasons you will love it.

Automated Blocker

The scammers are automatically identified and added to your phone's block list.

Incoming Caller ID

For known unsafe phone numbers, Caller ID information is automatically added into your phone.

Number Lookup

You can lookup any US and Canada phone numbers to find out information on caller.

Number Reports

You can report any harmful phone number to strengthen our spammer records.